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Team Green / Legalize the Cure Fundraising for Rick Simpson

Maritimes, Quebec, SW Ontario, Manitoba, Sask, AB, & BC:

HEMP! The Healing of the Nations (Feat. Rick Simpson’s Teachings) by DJ Ras Kabir

We are now looking for venues interested in hosting Team Green / Run from the Cure fundraisers for Rick Simpson. We will supply the talent, celebs, musicians, etc. and promote the event. We will also supply healthy snacks for patrons & be introducing amazing new cannabis energy drinks for sale. Please inbox me, email – or skype acp-canada for details or to get involved. Please share this with any promotors / venues you think may be interested in dates starting this month & running all summer! Our 2 disc CD – HEMP! The Healing of the Nations featuring the teachings of Rick Simpson and friends is ready to launch! Stay tuned for more announcements & for dates tba later this week.

Team Green – Sponsoring of Pro-environmental Hemp & Anti-tar Oil / Chemical Team Green Players of All Sports Starting This Summer

Team Green

As you may know, we are sponsoring pro-environmental hemp & anti-tar oil / chemical team green players of all sports starting this summer (i.e. baseball, soccer, football, darts, billiards, euchre, roller derby, bmx, skate, surf, cycle, hockey, golf, chess, etc.).

In case anyone snickers at your mention of cannabis hemp as the solution to environmental chaos, human misery & starvation, and mass sickness – or tries to lie to you about this amazing plant – just tell ‘em the truth about hemp found below:

Here’s how it works:
We will supply all Team Green members with team green super dietary info, including access to fresh & cheap hemp seed nuts, oil & protein powder directly from our producers as they wish. We will also connect all members with our radio shows, blogs & networks so that they can promote their team / league / team etc. as they wish.

Also we will give all members exclusive access to our Fireworks Sound System “HEMP – Healing of the Nations” 2 CD DISC set featuring the teachings of Rick Simpson & friends which members can download, burn and sell to others in order to raise funds for their team and Team Green / Rick Simpson (all you need to do is send 1/2 of any proceeds directly to Rick Simpson).

We will also provide free access to download copies of “RUN from the CURE – the Rick Simpson Story”, and other relevant educational material (posters, bumper stickers etc.) – also for download and distribution. This should be everything you need in order to start a Team Green chapter in your area. This is about living well, and educating the public about the benefits of going green & not just smoking pot.

Stay posted as we develop this further – the response has been significant and we are scrambling to assign local chapters to interested parties.

Get in touch and tell your ideas about how Team Green can work in your area.

Jason J. (Team Green Foundering Manager)
You can reach us anytime at 1-866-526-7302.

Introducing “Mad Megs” – Team Green’s First Hemp Derby Girl #420

#420 Mad Megs – Renegade Derby Dames
“Bombshell Batallion” – Alliston, ON
Durham Region Roller Derby

    • Next home bout: Saturday, July 28, 2012
    • 7:00pm until 11:00pm
  •  Alliston Memorial

Doors Open @ 7pm

Ticket $12 in Advance and $15 @ the door.

Advanced tickets available from a derby girl or message –

Seating available in the stands and track-side in “suicide seating”. Fans must be 19+ to sit on the front line.

Team Green: Super Healthy Hemp & Alkaline Super Foods Diet

Eating the alkaline way means eating foods which promote alkalinity in the body. Most alkaline forming foods are vegetables and fruits. Leafy greens are especially alkaline forming in the body.

pH list of some common foods

Partial list of Alkaline foods to EAT:
raw almonds

Some Acid forming foods to AVOID:
ice cream

Balancing your pH is the #1 most important step in achieving real vibrant, radiant health.

Live life – Love life
Eat to Win

“The first step in maintaining health is to alkalize the body.”
– Dr. Aurthur C. Guyton

Your energy will increase, you’ll find new mental clarity and powers of concentration, you’ll build strength and stamina, and you’ll lose excess body fat, while increasing muscle mass. You’ll have bright eyes and clear skin. You’ll look better. You’ll improve your athletic performance. You entire body will function more efficiently. Whatever health challenges you’ve been facing will improve and most likely evaporate altogether. In short, You’ll regain all the effortless energy and wellness you thought was lost in your childhood.

What is pH?
A quick chemistry lesson: pH is a measurement of acidity or alkalinity. The pH scale runs from 0-14 with 7 in the middle being neutral. Everything below 7 is “Acid”, the lower the number the more acidic and everything above 7 is “Alkaline”. Most experts agree that ideal health exists when the pH of the general body fluids is around 7 or slightly above.

Steps to Balance Your pH Quick and Easy

Follow an Alkaline hemp diet
Drink Alkaline Water
Take a quality magnesium supplement
Reduce Stress
Enzymes and Green Superfoods can be helpful

Drink plenty of water . Yes, we know you’ve heard it all before, but it works and it’s simple! Most people suffering from excess acidity are dehydrated, although not conscious of it. Drinking tea, coffee, alcohol and soft drinks is not a substitute for drinking water and these everyday drinks can have a negative effect on body hydration levels. Drinking water helps to neutralise acids and flush toxins from the body. Aim for at least 8-10 cups per day, and add a little lemon juice to make it more alkaline.

There are two types of acid and alkaline foods:

  1. Acid or alkaline foods, meaning how much acid or alkaline the foods contain.
  2. Acid or alkaline ‘forming’ foods, meaning the pH condition foods cause in the body after being digested.

Acidic conditions inhibit nerve action whereas alkalinity stimulates nerve action. Cold showers make the blood alkaline, while hot showers make the blood acid. A balanced diet helps to maintain the pH balance of the blood. Results however take more than a couple of days to show up. If blood develops a more acidic condition, then the body will inevitably deposit the excess acid to another area of the body so that the blood will be able to maintain an alkaline condition. As this cycle continues, these areas will increase in acidity and some cells will die. The dead cells will then turn into acids.

Some cells may adapt and instead of dying as normal cells do in a acid environment, they will survive by becoming abnormal. These abnormal cells are known as malignant cells. Malignant cells do not correspond with brain function nor with our DNA memory code. Malignant cells grow indefinitely and without order. This is cancer, and cancer develops in the following stages:

  1. The ingestion of numerous acid forming foods, fatty foods, refined foods, carcinogenic substances such as nitrates, and chemically treated foods. X-ray and airport body scanners also contribute.
  2. Constipation is increased.
  3. An increase of acidity in the blood. This stage causes an increase of white cells and a decrease of red cells, which is the beginning of leukemia.
  4. An increase of acidity in the extra cellular fluids.
  5. An increase of acidity into the intracellular fluids.
  6. The birth of malignant cells. This stage of cancer is known as ‘initiation’.
  7. Further ingestion of multiple acid foods. Traditional treatment includes high levels of radiation, chemicals and drugs. This stage is called ‘cancer promotion’. – Adapted by CMI from ‘Acid Alkaline’ by Herman Aihara.

Food and Beverage Chart: ALKALINE – ACID 
* Excellent for preventing and combating cancer. *SUPER FOODS – Excellent for nutrition and health.

Barley Grass
Green Beans
Brussel sprouts*
Edible Flowers
Fermented Veggies
Greens* – Beet, Chard, Collard, Mustard, Wild
Nightshade Veggies
Parsnips (high glycemic)
Living Sprouts*
Sweet Potatoes

Daikon Radish
Dandelion Root
Maitake, Reishi and Shitake Mushrooms
Sea Veggies – Kelp*, Kombu, Nori and Wakame Seaweed
Umeboshi (pickled plums)

Banana (high glycemic)
Berries inc. – Blackberries, Raspberries**, Strawberries*, Goji*
Cherries, sour
Coconut, fresh
Currants and Raisins
Dates and Figs, both dried
Grapes *Purple, Red
Lemon and Lime
Melon – Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Musk, Water
Orange and Tangerine
Umeboshi Plums
Tropical Fruits

Cottage Cheese
Chicken Breast
Nuts – Especially Almonds* and Chestnuts
Seeds – Pumpkin, Sprouted, Sunflower – Millet
Tempeh (fermented)
Tofu (fermented)
Whey – POISON!
Yogurt, Plain*


All Herbs
Cayenne** and Chili Pepper
Curry – Tumeric**
Cinnamon – Ginger
Miso – Tamari
Sea Salt

Apple Cider Vinegar
Bee Pollen*
Lecithin Granules
Molasses, blackstrap
Butter, unsalted
Soured Dairy Products
Probiotic Cultures
Marine Phytoplankton**
Alkaline Antioxidant Water – Mineral Water
Tea – Dandelion, Essiac*, Green*, Herbal, Ginseng, Kombucha
Fresh Fruit Juice – Green Juices and Wheat Grass Juice**- Veggie Juices
Organic Milk (unpasteurized) MILK IS FOR COWS NOT HUMANS!

Cesium: pH 14
Potassium: pH 14
Sodium: pH 14
Calcium: pH 12
Magnesium: pH 9



Winter Squash

Canned or Glazed Fruits

Bran, wheat
Bran, oat
Crackers, soda
Flour, white
Flour, wheat
Oats (rolled)
Rice (all)
Rice Cakes
Wheat Germ*

Beans – Black, Kidney, Lima, Pinto, Red,
Soy, White, Lentils
Almond Milk, Rice Milk, Soy Milk (may cause allergies)
Peas – Chick and Green

Butter, Salted
Cheese – Cow, Sheep and Goat (most desirable)
Cheese – Parmesan and Processed
Ice Cream
Ice Milk

Brazil Nuts, Cashews, Peanuts, Pecans, Pistachio.
Peanut Butter

Beef (US beef filled with antibiotics, banned from exportation to Europe)
Corned Beef
Lamb (best choice) and Veal (INHUMANE)
Pork and Bacon
Organ Meats
Fish – Carp, Cod, Haddock, Pike, Salmon*, Sardines*,Tuna*
Shellfish – Clams, Lobster, Mussels, Oysters*, Scallops, Shrimp
Eggs – Less acidic if natural feed, no hormones, no antibiotics.

Oil – Avocado, Canola, corn, Flax, Virgin Olive (best choice), Safflower, Sesame, Sunflower

Corn Syrup
Sugar (poisonous, aging, feeds cancer and obesity)

Hard Liquor
Wine (Red wine is healthy – skip the white)

Soft Drinks
Sodas (fizzy water, sugar and chemicals)
Soy Sauce
Distilled Vinegar

Drugs – Prescribed Medication and Street
Food Additives
Herbicides and Pesticides


Team Green Power

Hemp seeds contain more required amino acids (proteins) than milk, meat or eggs.

Are a complete protein rich source, much more balanced and digestible than Soy products.

Contain about 47% oil, 78% of which is omega 3 and 6 , the essential fats.

Have all the essential or omega fats required for human health.

Contains several times more omega 3 essential fat than any fish. – Without the mercury / toxins

Provides more energy than energy bars, without their sugar and with much less saturated fat.

Suitable for those unable to eat gluten, sugar, nuts, and meat.

Excellent for those troubled with constipation.

Perfect for those avoiding carbohydrates.

A 42 g serving (4 tbsp) contains 240 calorie energy from 15 g protein,15 g polyunsaturated fats (11.4 g omega 6 and 3.6 g omega 3), 2.7 g mono-unsaturated fats, 2.1 g saturated fats, 2.5 g fiber, 4.5 g carbohydrates,

2 mg iron, 31 mg calcium, 3.8 mg sodium, 3.8 mg vitamin E, 956 IU vitamin D, .42 mg vitamin C, .05 mg B6, .58 mg vitamin B1, 1.6 IU vitamin A.

Many health care professionals now recommend the use of Hemp Hearts. They attribute their success with Hemp Hearts to a superior balance of proteins, essential fats, vitamins, and enzymes; and a relative absence of sugar, carbohydrates and saturated fats.

Team Green 2012 – Sports Sponsorship

Team Green United

I would like to invite you to become a part of Team Green! (We are also sponsoring pro-environmental hemp & anti-tar oil / chemical team green players of all sports starting this summer – i.e. baseball, soccer, football, darts, roller derby, bmx, skate, surf, cycle, hockey, golf, chess, etc.)

In case anyone snickers at your mention of cannabis hemp as the solution to environmental chaos, human misery & starvation, and mass sickness – or tries to lie to you about this amazing plant – just tell ’em the truth about this:

Cannabis Hemp:

Cannabis hemp will displace petrochemical & pharmaceutical corporations that dominate our politics today, and decentralize wealth at a time of growing technological advancement. – Paul Stanford

Hemp Seeds & Hemp Seed Oil

Team Green

Hemp is quite simply a miracle plant that has survived mankind’s assault on nature. Thought to be of Asian origin, the hemp (Cannabis Sativa) plant has reached around the globe. The earliest texts describing hemp and its health benefits are the Egyptian Ebers papyrus dating back thousands of years. In ancient Indian and Chinese medicine hemp’s broad applications were described, including “increased chi, slowed ageing, stimulate and enhance the circulation helping to overcome obstructions to blood flow and restore the arteries and veins. It helps treat the paralysis and neurological impairment due to stroke. Milk flow is increased in nursing mothers and if the hair is washed with the oil, its growth accelerates.”

Hemp seeds & hemp seed oil contain cannabinoids including CBD & CBN

The supreme nutritional benefits of hemp seed oil are mainly due to the perfect ratio of omega 6 and 3 fatty acids. These long chain unsaturated fats provide various benefits including; cell membrane fluidity, normal cell growth and maturation, brain development, prostaglandin production, cardiovascular health, nerve cell (myelin sheath) maintenance, and a healthy immune response.

Research data suggests that body requirements are such that an optimum ratio for human health is in the region of 3-5:1 respectively, omega 6 to omega 3. In most cells the ratio is at this level, and this is likely to have meaning for cell and tissue homeostasis.

Hemp seed oil is the only oil to fulfill this profile as it contains a ratio of 3:1 omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids. Hemp also contains substantial amounts of GLA, which is the only edible seed to do so. This makes it particularly beneficial as an alternative to other GLA rich sources such as starflower (borage) or evening primrose oil.

Hemp seeds contain every essential amino acid making its profile more “complete” than common sources of proteins such as meat, milk, eggs and soy.  It is simply Nature’s best source of protein and nutrition.

At the end of the 19th Century, the ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 in the average diet was approximately 2:1 to 4:1 – we are sick today because our diets have been reduced to 10:1 to 20:1.

Studies in western populations today suggest that our diets now range from 10:1 to 20:1. It is likely that excess refined foods, dairy foods, margarines, and a lack of whole foods have contributed to this change. Through dietary adjustment and increasing the intake of high quality oils such as hemp seed oil, we can improve cellular health and help maximize our potential for long-term vitality.


Learn how it works

Rick Simpson

Watch the Run From the Cure (The Rick Simpson Story)

This is NOT about smoking pot –
It’s about the CURE to CANCER. 

Why go with Team Green?

HORMONAL BALANCE – Hemp is the only edible seed containing GLA thus it makes a suitable choice in PMS conditions. The fatty acid profile of hemp makes it more suitable than GLA for long term use. The magnesium rich chlorophyll contained in hemp seed oil is also beneficial in PMS conditions.

CARDIOVASCULAR TONIC – Hemp is more dominant in the omega 6 series fatty acids (3:1 ratio of 6s to 3s) but is highly beneficial in maintaining cardiovascular health. Omega 3 oils have been shown in hundreds of studies to lower triglycerides and cholesterol levels. The omega 3 fatty acids in hemp are effective in decreasing blood pressure, platelet stickiness and in decreasing fibrinogen levels a key marker in atheroslerosis. Research has found that for every 1 percent increase in alpha-linolenic acid (omega 3) content there was a decrease of 5mm Hg in the systolic, diastolic, and mean blood pressure (Berry and Hirsch 1986).

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY/ALLERGIC – The omega 3 fatty acids help produce prostaglandin 3 series (PG3), the anti-inflammatory chemicals that work as local hormones in the body. Numerous clinical studies have shown good results in using Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) in the treatment of many chronic allergic and inflammatory diseases e.g. eczema, psoriasis, lupus and ulcerative colitis.

ANTI-ARTHRITIC – Hemp seed oil provides the key fatty acids for long term support and maintenance of arthritic conditions including rheumatoid arthritis

METABOLISM ENHANCEMENT – EFAs have been shown to link with oxygen and enhance electron transport, key activities in energy output within the cell.

NERVE FUNCTION – EFAs are required for healthy cell membrane structures, particularly in nerve cells as they are required for the myelin sheath (insulation around the nerve cell).

BRAIN DEVELOPMENT – In children, EFAs (DHA specifically) are required for brain development

SKIN HEALTH – Hemp seed oil provides the fatty acids necessary for maintaining healthy and flexible cell membranes as well as exerting anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties.

IMMUNE ENHANCEMENT – EFAs have been found to enhance immune function, speed up the rate of immune reactions, help re-establish population control over intestinal bacteria, and enable improved cellular energy for removing waste materials.

PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE – The omega 3 fatty acids help support the cardiovascular system and also reduce the negative effect on the immune system caused by intense exercise.

Emerging Cannabinoid Therapeutic Applications

Oil: 5-15ml – Higher levels can be used under the guidance of a health practitioner. The ratio of fatty acids in hemp seed oil is the most suitable for long-term consumption.

Hypertension, atherosclerosis, elevated cholesterol/triglycerides, allergies, eczema, psoriasis, rheumatoid/osteoarthritis, auto-immune disorders, fatigue, multiple sclerosis, learning difficulties, ADHD, acne, dry skin, dandruff, infections, candida, sports nutrition (particularly endurance).

None known.

Hemp seed oil links well with dong quai, magnesium, vitamin B6, and a multi-vitamin/mineral in PMS cases.

Hemp seed oil appears best taken with other food. Our research reveals that protein and fats work best together when found in optimum ratios. (From:

So yeah, if folks do not have cannabinoids in their bodies, they are not functioning to their full potentials and likely not feeling well either.

Team Green members who follow a hemp diet have clear advantages over endo-cannabinoid-deficient opponents.   

With properly functioning endo-cannabinoid systems (See: humans are healthy and happy.

Why prohibit hemp – the only natural source of cannabinoids?

Profit. Anyone can grow hemp and use it in its natural non-toxic form. That means no money for corporations selling toxic dirty oil byproducts such as plastics, pharmaceuticals, additives, chemicals and poisons.

Dirty, Toxic Oil Economics vs Human Health, Happiness & Safety.

We know what time it is! Go Team Green!

I be announcing our first radio show in the coming days, so I invite all of my friends (and anyone interested in going green) to call in and help us to promote our unified efforts!

Sign up with your email to join Team Green & receive blog updates.  Feel free to post questions, comments, or words of support – and get in touch if you wish to help sponsor Team Green or to start a Team Green chapter in your area. See you in the field! *hugs* Jason J.